Kangabox Comfort GN Black
Kangabox Comfort GN Red
Kangabox Comfort GN Lime
Kangabox Comfort GN Blue


The thermobox with LARGE HANDLES. The COMFORT series are designed to fit 1/1 or 1/2 gastronorm container containers.

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The KÄNGABOX® Easy series is designed to fit everything ROUND or SQUARE. Whether it’s a pizza or a box of pizza, the KÄNGABOX® Easy is able to transport it safely while keeping it at the right temperature.

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Kangabox Easy Black
Kangabox Easy Red
Kangabox Easy Lime
Kangabox Easy Blue
Kangabox Expert 60x40
Kangabox Expert 60x40 Red
Kangabox Expert 60x40 Lime
Kangabox Expert 60x40 Blue

KÄNGABOX® Expert 60*40 

The KÄNGABOX® Expert 60×40 is a fantastic commercial thermobox. The internal size is designed to perfectly snuggle 60x40cm BAKING sheets or trays.

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KÄNGABOX® Professional

The premium KÄNGABOX® Professional sets a high standard for hygiene and cleanliness. Featuring a smooth crystallised inner coating, it is super easy to clean and would never accumulate grease and grime. 


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Kangabox Professional GN
Kangabox Professional Interior
Kangabox Professional Base
Kangabox Tower 6040
Kangabox Tower 6040
Kangabox Tower 6040
Kangabox Tower 6040

KÄNGABOX® Tower 60*40

This gigantic FRONT LOADER makes transporting 60x40cm BAKING sheets or trays a breeze. The front loading door can be fully removed while baking trays can be slide in and out with ease. 

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The FRONT LOADER for gastronorm and EURO pallets. Internally, it fits standardised gastronorm containers, while the external size is a quarter of a Euro pallet. The KÄNGABOX® Tower GN thermobox for Euro pallets is designed for large-scale fresh food logistics. 

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Kangabox Tower EURO Black
Kangabox Tower EURO Black
Kangabox Tower EURO Black
Kangabox Tower EURO Black
Kangabox Tower GN Black
Kangabox Tower GN Internal
Kangabox Tower GN Handle


The LARGE CAPACITY front loader is perfect for catering and food delivery service. With a FRONT OPENING, trays and containers can be slide in and out without heavy lifting.  

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The KÄNGABOX®Trip is a reliable ice box for shopping, picnic and beach trips! With compact external dimensions, spacious internal space, and a sturdy carrying handle, it also features a high rim which is particularly convenient for transporting beverage bottles. The KÄNGABOX® Trip is not only a good choice for your home – it also makes a good present or promotional gift.

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Kangabox Trip Black
Kangabox Trip Red
Kangabox Trip Lime
Kangabox Trip Blue
Kangabox Trip Handle

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