Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is an exceptionally eco-friendly and flexible plastic foam. It is so versatile that we decided to use it for the Kängabox.

  • Energy Absorption
    EPP has been widely used in car crash protection components (Think car bumper!) due to its lightweight and exceptionally energy absorbing quality.
  • Structural Strength
    EPP is capable of handling significant loads with little loss in form or shape. Robust yet lightweight: Thanks to the high material density and strength displayed by EPP, the KÄNGABOX® is dimensionally stable, shock-absorbing and scratch-proof. Providing sensitive contents with optimum protection. Manufactured from a single piece without seams or joins, the KÄNGABOX® is extremely shatter-proof as well as being eminently suitable for heavy loads.
  • Lightweight
    Unlike some thermo-boxes that are bulky and heavy, Kängabox is extremely light and easy to handle. Our 100 Litre box (Our heaviest box) only weights at 4.9 kg!
  • Chemically Inert
    Unaffected by exposure to oil, grease, petroleum and most chemicals, EPP does not support microbial growth.
  • Thermal Insulation
    EPP provides effective thermal insulation for applications where food, medical supplies, and other temperature sensitive products required protection. The KÄNGABOX® has excellent insulation properties in a range from ice-cold -40 °C to boiling hot +120 °C. This has also been confirmed by measurements. The mean loss or raise of temperature will be between 1° to 3° C per hour, provided that the KÄNGABOX® is duly filled.
  • Recyclable
    EPP is an environmentally sound material that is 100% recyclable.